Kairos On life, universes, babbages and T-Rexes

Mythology poem

Croesus vs. the Oracle of Delphi

Oracle of Delphi! I am Croesus As you well know King of Lydia, The richest man in the world.   You could pave the world With gold from my hold I wouldn’t miss it....

Tipu Sultan Flash Fiction

The Dream Diary of Tipu Sultan: Flash Fiction

Tipu Sultan looked down at his diary. As a ruler, he needed to be strong. His diary was where he permitted himself to be weak. He knew that his munshi, Habibullah, often wondered what...

Standup Comic

A Moment in the Life of a Standup Comic

Jessica looked out in the audience. Although she’d been a standup comic for a decade, a new crowd still gave her cold feet. A faceless mass, their silence could be terrifying. If an audience...