1st Weekend@ Theatre Utsav 2008

Saturday saw Delirium by a Swiss group and Njinski, the God by a Polish troupe.
I liked the set, lighting, music and slapstick in Delirium. The story was more tell than show.
Njinski, the God too had a slick set, with competent dancing, lights and music. The constant homoerotic references took over the storyline.
Sunday saw an Afghani production of Caucasian Chalkcircle. It had a beautiful scene, where one of the women walks up a ladder with her babe held high, and men trailing sating on the rungs of the ladder as she climbs to its top. It reminded us strongly of Mary and Jesus, as a child in the audience pointed that out to his mother.
Dear Bapu by Mohan Maharishi had a trio standing around and reading. Very historical, the play showed shots from Gandhi’s life as he spoke with Nehru. English with a smattering of Hindi, the play was more a documentary.
Butterflies are free, from China saw decent acting, a witty script and fast paced action. Although more like a film, which it has been adapted in, it still engaged the audience. Highlights were when the heroine reveals her wig and false eyelashes, surprising the hero and us.
Max Mueller showed a documentary on Pina Bausch, whose dance drama Bamboo Blues, inspired by Kolkata; (where she spent weeks recently) is on view today.
IHC saw a duo from UK read from Shaw’s plays on Friday. Very lively, Shaw seems relevant still. The lady was indignant over his being ignored by UK theatre troupes. Even in his 70s, he wove a spell on a woman 1/3rd his age.
The only perfect love affair is on paper.
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