About Me

Hi there! Wondering what Kairos means?

Kairos is Greek for full time, time that is lived. You might feel an hour crawling in a meeting and a minute as a second if you’re bungee jumping. The second is kairos.

Deciphering my tagline- Life, universes, babbages and T-rexes

Life, universe is of course from Douglas Adams’ book title. Remember Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll, the sequel to Alice in Wonderland? I adapted a line from Jabberwocky, the nonsense poem there. ‘Of cabbages and kings’ became babbages and T-rexes. T-rex is short for the dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex. Rex is Latin for king.

Nupur Maskara

I’m Nupur Maskara. I love writing, specially poetry. I like writing about culture, art and people.

I wrote my first poem when I was ten. I am a content writer now. If you’re looking for content that will get your audience talking, give me a shout.

Mail me at nupur.maskara@gmail.com.