About Me Nupur Maskara

Hi there! I’m Nupur Maskara. I won the Orange Flower Award for Poetry in 2020. My poems have been anthologized in The Kali Project and published in Wry Times, Last Leaves, The Gateway Review, Zoetic Press, Rigorous, The Loch Raven Review, Mantis (forthcoming).

I’m short and like writing short stuff that packs a punch. Expectedly, I began my career in advertising and am now in content writing. My friends have branded my frequent blonde moments as Nupurisms.

I love writing, specially poetry. I like writing about culture, art and people. I wrote my first poem when I was ten. I am a content writer now. If you’re looking for content that is snappy and will get your audience talking, give me a shout.

I also do branding- coming up with catchy brand names and taglines, with an available domain name. And website writing that matches the branding as well.

Mail me at nupur.maskara@gmail.com.

Wondering what Kairos means?

Kairos is Greek for full time, time that is lived. You might feel an hour crawling in a meeting and a minute as a second if you’re bungee jumping. The second is kairos.

Deciphering my tagline- Life, universes, babbages and T-rexes

Life, universe is of course from Douglas Adams’ book title. Remember Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll, the sequel to Alice in Wonderland? I adapted a line from Jabberwocky, the nonsense poem there. ‘Of cabbages and kings’ became babbages and T-rexes. T-rex is short for the dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex. Rex is Latin for king.