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My ebooks Insta Gita: With Arjuna’s Perspective in Poetry and Insta Women: Dramatic Monologues by Drama Queens are published on Amazon Kindle.

Insta Women

Looking for inspiration but not in the mood to read long winded stuff? Insta Women: Dramatic Monologues by Drama Queens has real life poems straight from the mare’s mouth. Read 29 famous women’s stories, about the lives they’ve lived. From criminals to doctors, artists to feminists, you’ll find someone you identify with.

There’s Jane Bond Nancy Wake, Bonnie & Clyde’s Bonnie Parker, Mrs. Pandava and many more women with verve. Find out how Noor Jahan hunted four tigers, regretting that she wasted two bullets in taking them down. Or who barreled down Niagara Falls in her sixties.

You can preview and buy Insta Women here.

Insta Women Reviews

There are subtle nods to each woman’s history; such that injustices, suffering, violence, even wrongs-righted and revenge can be guessed at without knowing all the details of their lives.

– Jack Trelance, Author

Insta Women is like watching a theatre where the characters come alive in front of you, luring you to enter their fascinating world.

– Purba Chakraborty, Content Developer

I loved each of these poems because they made an instant connect to my heart by bringing these incredible women and their struggles and victories and dilemmas and grit live in front of my eyes. I felt each of them talking to me, telling me their stories and compelling me to think.

– Meena Chatty, Blogger

If you are looking for real life role models grab this book, it won’t disappoint you. It’s informative, motivating and entertaining.

– Ujjwal Mishra, Blogger

Some of the women whose stories you know, you will instantly see the connections and it’ll make you chuckle through.

– Suchita Agarwal, Writer

Insta Women Book Trailer Video

Watch my book trailer on YouTube here.

Insta Gita

A Bhagavad Gita summary plus discussions on 4 Upanishads, you’ll get a modern take on a old classic.

The Bhagavad Gita is a unique text. Short but power packed, it is part philosophy, part self help and part poetry. Translations can be tantalizingly enigmatic, and commentaries can suck the life out of its verses.

This book has explanations where needed and presents Arjuna’s reaction to Krishna’s teachings, in poetry. Arjuna gets little air time in the Gita. As Everyman, he voices our dilemmas on being human and trying to follow the path of the Gita.

A summary of the Bhagavad Gita, Insta Gita serves as a quick primer for this ancient Indian text. You can preview and buy Insta Gita here. Looking forward to your feedback!

Insta Gita Reviews

I love this!!! I read it all in one day and I took many notes, finding much that resonates, informs, and teaches. The author’s humor and humanness shine through this text making it highly relatable and keeping me nodding and chuckling in agreement as I read. As I have tried reading the Bhagavad Gita before, without instructions, this short but very powerful book really helps me “get it!” Thank you so much for writing this Nupur! I know I will return to it again and again for the sustenance and digestible wisdom it offers. Read the full review on

– D.Ellis Phelps, Writer

Insta Gita is a true ode to the power and beauty that poetry can hold…It is easy to understand and the flow of the poetry feels like water flowing in a river… Much like the Bhagavad Gita, it questions the various concepts of humanity, existence, morality duty, honor and so on. Read the full review here.

– Arjun Gupta, Blogger

The text captures the essence of the original and keeps it relatable and interesting… I also found the usage of words like FYI, methinks, The Three Musketeers, K for Krishna as little steps that demystify the text and make it feel accessible. Nupur speaks from Arjuna’s perspective, of how he tries to use this philosophy in his life, training his body and mind. Read the complete review here.

– Sona Grover, Blogger

Insta Gita Book Reading Video

Watch my book reading video on my Amazon Author Central page. More on the genesis of Insta Gita from a blog post writing challenge here.

Skillshare Classes

I took part in the June 2019 VIP Teaching Challenge on Skillshare, scripted and shot my videos multiple times, sat up nights, and learnt how to use Shotcut to edit my videos.Ta da! Here’s the class I created, for aspiring poets.

Pack More Punch in Your Poetry

Have you been writing poetry and want to improve your poems? Learn how to-

  • Pick a theme, personalize it to make it unique and appeal to an audience larger than your family and friends.
  • Ways in which you can make your poem flow.
  • Writing techniques, literary devices and poetic forms.
  • Add rhythm to your poems
  • Avoid common bloopers

Your class project will be to write a poem using the techniques you learn in class.

You can watch my introduction video on YouTube here.

Sign up for my poetry class here with this code and get 2 months of Skillshare Premium free!