Amusing myself in London museum

Went to the London Museum today. Enjoyed myself. Especially liked the Elizabethan display. Started from prehistoric, which I guess is common across civilizations. Medieval was interesting too. There were quaint exhibits like a puzzle jug with three spouts, me
ant to confuse the drinker.
It was quite interactive, with children encouraged to try on clothes from different eras. It was fascinating to see the minutae of a bygobe age, from manicure kits to gowns. Also enjoyed learning about the buldings here that I had already visited. The London Wall was right outside the museum, and a glass window showcased it inthe museum.Vauxhall got a special section, and I remembered Georgette Heyer novels. Also liked the section which had padlocks and chains used by the suffragettes. Saw a William novel in anexhibit showing the stuff children took with them during the war evacuation.
saw the first Time Out. Took the highwalk back to the Barbican, an international India Habitat Centre I found yesterday. The library was open for longer today, so read the Time Out guide to London.

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