Daring Annie Edson Taylor- Famous Women Poem

Stuntmen tried

To conquer Niagara

Why not me then?

I had nothing to tie me down

My husband was no more

Nor my children.

The waterfall called to me

To ride it

I decided to go in a barrel.

Padded it with a mattress, for comfort.

Five feet by three feet

I designed it myself.

A 100 kilo anvil weighed me down inside

And would right the barrel

So that it wouldn’t turn upside down

Leather harness kept me in place.

The air in the barrel

Would last me through the fall.

60’s not sexy

So I took off a couple of decades

So more people would come to see me

Barrel down the falls.

Being in my 60s,

Caution came easily to me now.

I sent a cat ahead to see

Whether we’d survive.

It did, although wounded.

Small price to pay for making history.

I made it too, banging my head though.

The water roared around me

Looking to get in.

My airtight barrel kept it out.

Curled up inside

I wished I could go back

Certain death would be better

Than this hell in limbo.

The water pressed on me

I could barely breathe

A mere twenty minutes

That felt like eternity.

I prayed throughout

I made it

A birthday to remember.

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