The Valley of Flowers

The air here is polluted. It is hotter too, after the descent. (Incidentally, that is also how a user spells decent.)

Had a bit of a dharmic overdose- but otherwise I had a lot of fun- testing my limits, battling shoebite, trekking in torchlight..the works.

The first trek was easy- I was the first to complete it.

The Valley of Flowers was in another world, another time dimension altogether. the best part was no horses, so no horsedung. The flowers were in a majority, we were in a minority- just how nature intended things to be.

Hemkund Sahib was steep- the toughest trek I have attempted so far- so it felt good to complete it. i count completing a trek when we reach the ground, not the top- as the top is only half done.

The trek back was a breeze.

I liked the temple at Badrinath- a first. Silver. Also did a havan.

Bought wonderful woollens- handknit- from the source:)

A much needed holiday that refreshed me completely- also managed to lose some weight- so am planning to have fruits so as to not undo the good work done:)





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