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Arjun wants to know more about brahman and how those who practice self-control know Krishna, after they die.

Krishna explains that you can only see the body die. The brahman or Krishna is the fundamental yagna in our bodies, which continues to live. Those who contemplate him at this stage, become one with him.

What you think of, you get. So think of brahman. By offering your mind and thoughts to Krishna, you’ll reach him.

When it’s time to leave the world, yoga energy enters a yogi from between her brows.

UniverseKrishna then details yoga. The yogi must control her nine gates, that he mentioned in an earlier chapter. She must stop thinking, letting her heart take over. She should chant Om and think of brahman.

Those who control their mind in this way find it easy to reach Krishna.

One day of Krishna as creator- brahma, is equal to our 1,000 ages. An age is over 4 million earth years. Similarly, one night of brahma’s = our 1,000 ages.

Everything that’s manifest comes from what cannot be seen, at the start of this day. When the night begins, they will dissolve in this unseen again. You can break this cycle by devoting yourself to Krishna and hence reaching his home, the unseen beyond this unseen.


I can feel my breath

Even when I shut my eyes


I must expand my mind

To take all of you in, K.


Om echoes through me

Knocking down mind walls


You’re a long time away K

But I’m in no hurry


It’s going to take me a while

To be able to break through

Me to reach you.


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