Lose the I- The Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 9

Krishna lets Arjun in on a secret. Krishna, unseen, is throughout the universe. Everyone’s anchored on him, but not in him. He is the reason they exist and continue to exist.

WindJust like wind blows everywhere but is fixed to the sky, similarly all beings depend on Krishna, even if they seem independent.

Nature is Krishna’s raw material. He moulds us out of that and once we’ve lived one brahma day, we return to nature and he moulds us anew.

Foolish people don’t believe in Krishna even when he takes human form. The devoted exercise self-control and try to reach him by that means. Others worship him with the yagna of knowledge.

In this yagna people chant Om and offer the three vedas as butter. Krishna is a witness, a resthouse, a refuge, a friend, a treasury.

Krishna radiates heat and rain too. He is and he is not. Our minds need to adjust to comprehend this paradox.

Those who know the three vedas purify their errors with this yagna. They seek heaven and enjoy divinely there. Once their stock of good deeds run out, they return to earth as mortals.

In contrast, those who focus on Krishna and discipline themselves get what they need from him. Krishna is the one who eats at all yagnas. Many don’t recognize him. Those who honor deities go to them, those who honor ancestors go to ancestors and those who honor Krishna go to him.

Even if you just offer a fruit, flower, water and a leaf with pure love and devotion, Krishna eats that. Offer your austerities to Krishna to free yourself.


Your needs are so simple, K

Why then do we feast?

Make ourselves sick

Repent then repeat?


We’ll feed on knowledge

To fuel ourselves

Light up

Burn, but steadily

To reach you someday.

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