Living La Vida Calma- The Bhagvad Gita Chapter 12

Arjun asks Krishna who knows yoga better- those who worship Krishna’s person or those who choose the brahman form of Krishna?

Krishna says those who worship him always single-mindedly, full of faith, are the most connected to him.

However, those who meditate on the brahman form of Krishna also reach him, but with greater difficulty, since it’s not easy for mortals to understand abstractions.

Thirdly, those who offer all the work they do to Krishna, also get salvation.

CalmWhat unites all these paths? All call for constant yoga, thinking of Krishna.

The bhakt’s path is most preferred, then yoga and next karma yoga. If you can’t do any of these, Krishna has more options to offer as well. You should surrender yourself to Krishna and work with self-control.

Giving up attachment to the results of what you do will give you instant peace. Such a devotee renounces the positive and the negative. She doesn’t get excited or distressed. For her, a friend is the same as an enemy. Honor and disgrace are the same. Pleasure equals pain, like cold equals hot.

In short, she is content. With this nectar of knowledge, she puts her faith in Krishna and is his favorite.


I’m beginning to see my way, K

through this knowledge mist

you’re raining on me


Us humans are keen on pleasure

not so much on pain


Although pleasure is short

we long for it long


Though pain is brief too

it lingers in our minds.


I’m keen to level

my mind mountains and valleys

in a pool

that reflects you.

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