Mann ki See, Mann ki Do- The Bhagvad Gita, Chapter 13

Arjun asks, “What is prakriti (field) and purusha (knower)?”

Krishna explains that our bodies are the fields and those who realize this are the knowers. He knows every body. That’s why he says that true knowledge entails knowing both the field and the knower.

Inner eyeWhat comprises prakriti?

  • The 5 elements- earth, fire, water, air, and ether
  • Ego, intellect and the unconscious
  • 10 sense apparatus- eye, ear, nose, skin, tongue and hands, feet, mouth, anus, genital plus mind
  • 5 sense places- sound, touch, color, taste, smell
  • Attraction and repulsion
  • Pleasure and pain

In short, the entire organism, together with awareness and will.

What is purusha?

Practising what’s right and paying attention to the teacher. Keeping imperfections like birth, death, sickness in mind. Not desiring sense objects and not thinking of oneself as having an ego.

What do you need to know for immortality?

Brahman. It is ultimate light and darkness both. It is in all the sense organs and seems to have their qualities but is free from all the senses. Although it is not attached to anything it holds everything.

It has no qualities but experiences everything through the sense organs of animate and inanimate beings. Brahman is not one made up of many parts but one made up of many beings. It is the creator, sustainer and destroyer of beings.

Both purusha and prakriti are eternal. Prakriti is the reason for karma while purusha experiences pleasure and pain. Purusha is reborn depending on the company kept. Krishna is in this body as the ultimate purusha.

Whatever is born comes from the union of prakriti and purusha. Those who see brahman in everything don’t hurt others, for that would be like hurting themselves. They realize that all actions are done by prakriti and not by purusha.

In short, she who can differentiate between prakriti and purusha gets immortality.


It’s complicated, K

What’s apparent

Makes up not my I


Moreover I shouldn’t

Bother about my I


Until now we talked

About me in brahman

Now brahman in me.


I’m beginning to see

With my inner eye

To not eye my I.

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2 Responses

  1. Hari OM
    &*> today, Nupur, your words capture fully the essence of this Yoga of the Field and the Knower. To have ‘knowledge’ (small k) in the field of known things (the material = prakriti) is good and proper and necessary. This kind of ‘knowing’, however, comes with the pride-of-knowing – “I”ness and “my”ness. The jiiva (here called purusha) acts through the prakriti in gaining experience (knowledge). In this chapter, Lord attempts to enlighten us to the capital k Knowledge, which is without ego and beyond the material. We require an understanding of the material, how it is constituted and that it is inert. Then we must understand that ‘life’ is the spark of consciousness, is separate from that material. It enlivens it but is not the material itself. It is that Brahman working through this. For the serious seeker, this is where the Mahaavaakyas can be referenced… yes, it is complicated, but do continue not seeing your “I”!!!
    …and another grin to finish, just because … &*>
    Blessings, YAM xx

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