A 10,000 Word Ebook Begins with a Single Blog Post

Creativity thrives in constraints. Given a blank canvas, we often get writer’s block. The A-Z challenge seemed doable because I had a plan. It also gave me the opportunity to tick off an item on my to do list that had been there forever- dive deep in the Bhagavad Gita.

Although I started with an Excel sheet of A for Attachment, B for something or the other and so on- I chose to focus on a chapter a day of the Gita rather than a theme. Just like we learn most when we teach, I understood the Gita more through the process of writing about it.

What’s that you say? The Gita has only 18 chapters and the alphabet has 26 letters? Well, true to nature, I thought I’d cross that bridge when I came to it. Couldn’t plan in advance what to write about for the remaining 8 days, as I wanted to get the first 18 posts out of the way.


Now that I had a plan for what to write about, I needed to work on the how. How would I fit this in my choked schedule? Gym in the morning, then housework, then office, then reaching home fagged out…I had a book to refer to, a Macbook Air and an hour long commute where I could easily work offline.

On Ola Shares, crammed in with 3 other passengers, I often worked with the book under my chin, making crazy typos as the cab swerved. Sometimes there wasn’t even room for that, so I waited impatiently till a passenger got off.

When the net was down at home, I’d got to Starbucks rather than miss posting. I made a modern day pen pal- an e-pal I guess- Yamini Maclean, whose knowledge of the Gita, Indian philosophy and Sanskrit is remarkable. Her comments were insightful and knowing she would be there to read my next post kept me going- I had an audience!

Got a lot of social media love and that was motivating as well. Read some very interesting blog posts by fellow participants. I’ve already planned what I’ll focus on next year! Thanks Blogchatter for organizing this and pushing us to do things we never would have imagined we could do otherwise. My childhood dream of writing a book is coming true- I’m working on an ebook from my posts.

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