Book Review: Diary of a Baby by Mahak Wadhwani

Mahak Wadhwani has great style and Diary of a Baby- Candid Confessions of a baby from 0-2 years is funny too. The kid is an imp- knowing he has his parents dancing to his tune. Sounds like a corpo honcho- with a staff of nurses. Curiously adult- doesn’t like being talked down to- don’t the visitors know English? Read on for the full book review.

I can totally identify with the mom being relieved when the dad comes home- even though the kid is more ecstatic the dad is back. The interplay of perspective of the child and the parent is a nice touch. Some explanation of the 4th month sleep regression would have been good though.

This is a modern baby who likes air cushions, Amazon boxes, not the ones in the credit card ad we all grew up on- ‘There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.’ The dilemma of a working mother comes through well. Should one give the baby what he wants? Or give him what’s good for him?

The close encounter with a dog is hilarious. Can imagine how freaked out the mother must have been. There’s a great quote on allowing babies to be independent- ‘The more we say No to them, the more they will say No right back at us.’ You hear about various developmental stages from the baby’s mouth, making it much more impactful than reading a bland Wikipedia entry.

The 10 commandments of a toddler are particularly hilarious. They can walk 10,000 steps an hour! And our Fitbit hopes we do that in a day. This toddler sounds like a teenager! ‘This was fun- they wait a year for me to start talking, and now that I am, they don’t want me to say what I want or how I feel.’

There’s great parenting advice on finding a compromise. Although there’s a lot of stuff the author Googles, according to her baby, after reading this book, moms won’t have to! There are some compassionate tips- don’t be hard on yourself- don’t feel guilty if your baby falls off the bed, remember a tantrum passes quickly. Parenting seems more manageable.

It’s a new world, so definitely gender neutral parenting will make it easier for baby to thrive as an adult. This book reminds me of Baby’s Day Out, but this is more fun because the kid can talk. A must read for a new parent. Maybe before baby comes, as you might not have time after that! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and I’m not even a parent yet.

You can download it for free here. Another book review coming up tomorrow! Here’s one I wrote earlier.

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