British Museum

Enjoyed my visit to the British Museum with my friend Neha yesterday. A mind boggling number of curiosities across civilizations were there. We took audio guides to help us make sense of our surroundings.
We started with the Parthenon: Greek mythology came alive with statues of gods I had only read about. Zeus, Poseidon, and everyone else were present. The craftsmen skill made the horses in the sculptures seem poised in action.
We learnt how these were carved so that those viewi g froma distance could make out thedetails.The Roman and British as well as other European artefacts seemed to be derivatives of the Grecian era.
We also marvelled at the Egyptian exhibits of intricately painted mummys. Indian section was conspicuous by its absence. Guess the West finds Egypt exotic while we find Europe unusual.
After six hours i the museum, with a break for pasta we were ready for hot chocolate and cake with cherry sauce at thr London review bookshop nearby. Thoughts fed, after a spot of browsing we wereready to go.
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