Business Book Review: Digital Marketing for Small Businesses by Neha Tambe

Digital Marketing for Small Businesses by Neha Tambe has practical examples which are good, like what you can blog about if you are a bakery. Read on for the complete business review.

Business Book ReviewSome infographics are not readable. In a couple of places they are not there where the text refers to them, they either come a few paragraphs after or before the text. The Facebook marketing section is informative. I didn’t know about Facebook Pixel. Google Primer also sounds useful.

Getting perspectives from others also reinforces the point Neha makes. G+ Collections has got great results for a photographer, motivating me to try it out. Neha also suggests keyword tools. Her tips on which categories work well in Pinterest are good. I liked the GE example about them using quotes from scientists so that they get views on Pinterest, even though they’re not in a lifestyle space.

I also liked the way she explained the purpose of Quora- to answer questions. Sometimes small businesses tend to go overboard in their quest for leads. It’s important that they not abuse platforms to get the best results.

The section on selling via Facebook and sites that integrate with Facebook is also useful. In today’s age of information overload, it can be better to try to attract consumers where they’re already spending time- like Facebook. I have a friend who organizes events and she gets her customers from her Facebook page.

The Twitter section is also useful and specific. The Whatsapp for Business section is good as it covers something topical. The tips for planning a website are actionable. The video tools section is interesting. Some sections could flow better in each other, like the virtual assistant chapter is not linked to the previous chapter.

A conclusion, recapping the main points would have been a good end to the book. This is a useful primer for small businesses. More detail would have made it even more useful, but perhaps the author could plan a sequel for those at an intermediate level. Download it here for free. Here’s another business book review.


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