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Marvellous Mrs. Maisel

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel & Women Comedians

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel(TMMM) – the name itself attracted me while I was surfing Amazon Prime. I’m a Mrs. too. And I love alliteration. Seemed like a light hearted, chick soap. And so it...


Short but Avoids Sweets

I’m short. Sadly, that means I have less place to distribute my body weight. I didn’t have too many sweet things around the house, so I was fit as a kid and in college....


Dropping shopping

Well, it depends on what kind of shopping we’re talking about. One woman’s paneer is another man’s karela. Clothes shopping I’m not a fan of shopping for clothes mostly. Only when a top is...


Why don’t men shave?

My husband told me that he once did not hire a candidate because he was unshaven. I don’t know why men don’t bother to shave. Excuse 1- It hurts Pain. Maybe that’s why men...


Speed sales

Fighting with plump aunties for salwar kurtas that will make me look like a Christmas tree, as early as 10 AM, left me drained. The exhilaration of getting bargains was cancelled out when I...

The Medicine Show


Had a good time at The Medicine Show, The Living Room. I specially liked the three women singers and their funny lyrics- “While I’m waiting for the man I’m dating and he’s stuck in...



    We hunted in pindrop silence, our eyes scanning our prey. The only other time I remember such silence happening is when we eat.   Unfortunately, Sarojini Nagar does not allow us to...


Howler at the NGO

“दीदी, क्या rebel का मतलब उसने फिर से bell बजाया?” !