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To a fitter us, heart to heart

Metabolism slows down as we get older. I want my husband and I to start good habits now, when we are in our 30s. That way, we won’t blimp up and have health problems...

Celebrating Womanhood

Celebrating Myself as a Woman

When I think of a woman, I think of creation. Whether it is the myth of Mother Nature, the reality of child bearing, or the daily task of cooking, making something from nothing is...


Relationship is a Big Word

The first part of that word- “relation”- seems less appealing than the second- “ship”. “Relation” reminds me of duty, while “ship” seems delicious, sailing off in the unknown. Isn’t that why we hang out...

Be Yourself

Fashionably You

If fashion is related to our clothes, social media is getting connected with how we fashion our inner selves. I was reading this and it has a point. We create content on social media,...

Marriage Rules


Was reading about families today- and how couples are complementary. That is both the source of the attraction and also the frustration. It’s nice when what you think is borne out by science- all...


In Defense of English Honours

Support came from an entirely unexpected quarter- the Times of India. In yesterday’s main section- not even Education Times- I saw a headline designed to gladden my heart- English (H) the most sought after...

The Medicine Show

डर के आगे जीत है

I was told once that when you point a finger at someone, three point back at you.   They’re called Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.   You can create, maintain or destroy your status quo.

Marriage Rules


Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar on Koffee with Karan reminded me strongly of another couple I know. The man too, is a “hiran” as Javed Akhtar called himself, not a “man about the house”...