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Canva Ebook

How to Design Your Ebook in Canva

While you could convert your word doc in PDF, why not pretty it up a bit? It’s tough reading online, so anything that helps is good, right? Canva is a great design option with...


Gabbar’s Con #NaPoWriMo Day 15

“Kitne aadmi the?” bellowed Gabbar Striking terror in the hearts of villagers.   Samba stammered, “Sarkar, do.”   “Aur tum teen,” fired the gangsta.   As he stalked on the hilltop Squinting in the...

Warrior woman

The Amazon warrior woman

Penthesila gripped her horse, Valarie, harder. Faster, she urged. In her head. Valarie could read her mind. As one, horse and Amazon galloped through the rainforest. Valarie shied. Penthesila drew an arrow. A panther...

Phoolan Devi

The Making of the Bandit Queen

I was 11 when I tried to save my father’s land. He didn’t care, the ungrateful bastard. Married me off to a man thrice my age In exchange for a cow. Son of a...

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Commuter

My heart sinks when I think of you The hour that’s between us two. Home and work, will the twain meet? Mine but to trudge there, rain or sleet.Open Ola while wolfing breakfast If...


Crow thoughts pick my eyes out When I try to sleep.


I wish I could tear the skin off your face It reminds me of mine when I was young.