Celebrating Myself as a Woman

When I think of a woman, I think of creation. Whether it is the myth of Mother Nature, the reality of child bearing, or the daily task of cooking, making something from nothing is the common thread running through all her stories. Creation in the form of writing has always been precious to me. Cracking jokes is a close second.

I think a woman’s ability to reinvent herself is also unique. I have valued the way in which I have criss-crossed from studying English to MBA, and then sales to advertising to media.

A woman is also a family maker. After marriage, she serves as the link between two families. My capacity for hard work, and doing things which are new and therefore difficult for me, has gone up after marriage. Love truly is the biggest motivator. Whether being regular with the gym, or trying to learn cooking without burning myself again, love spurs me on.

It is only now that I truly feel the difference gender makes. Would I trade places with a man? No. I enjoy being feminine. It’s like starring in a play. As the audience changes, so do I. I am many women, depending on the time and place. This got me thinking, and I’m glad I came across this contest.

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