Cirque De Soleil

The Royal Albert Hall was awe inspiring. The stage for Circque was chameleon like, as the floor sometimes looked like the ocean, sometimes lava, and at other times sand, thanks to the light effects. The flexibility of the performers as they twisted, sprang, and did their various acts left us marvelling.
The few mistakes only highlighted the difficulty of the acts, and they always redid the tricks. It was as much fun figuring out how a boat moved on stage as it was seeing it move. There was even bhangra music! Skaters, jugglers, beam walkers kept us glued to the edge of our seats.
There was live singing too, so we kept looking at various points on stage. The actors in gorilla skins grunted, moved, and behaved like animals. What a long way from the smelly circuses with the downcast animals I saw in my childhood.
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