Why don’t men shave?

My husband told me that he once did not hire a candidate because he was unshaven. I don’t know why men don’t bother to shave.

Excuse 1- It hurts
Pain. Maybe that’s why men shrink from shaving. Maybe they think it’s inner beauty that counts. Well, tough luck. If you don’t bother about yourself, no one’s going to bother about you.
Excuse 2- Work is worship
Or does it symbolize that they are working so hard that they don’t have time to shave? Considering they have time to yap, smoke and do other unnecessary things, even that excuse seems flimsy.
Excuse 3- I don’t have to look at myself
Seriously. There should be like a mirror which they have to follow wherever they go. Once they are also subject to the visual pollution they make others go through, they might change. I doubt though.
Carrot 1- Positive reinforcement
What about compliments? Do they work? No. The fun of laziness makes a compliment on a clean shaven look a distant memory. Don’t they realize if their laziness is so obvious, it’s going to affect how they are perceived at work?
Carrot 2- Get the girl
What about those lonely single guys? How do they think they are going to be able to change their status if they look like walking haystacks? Or do they really think that women go for character and men for looks?
Stick 1- Pay for it
Like at school, where you were penalized if your shoes were not shiny, there should be fines for unshaven guys. 
Stick 2- Scissorhands
Take a leaf out of Bobbit’s book. Just hack when he is asleep. If he wakes up, so what? You’re the one with the weapon 🙂

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