Confessions of a Newbie Mother

Taking care of another human being, a tiny one, is a huge responsibility. Leena was an achiever at work, but wriggling arms and legs left her at sea, however many YouTube videos she watched on how to hold her baby. Holding one had always struck terror in her heart, so she had stayed at a safe distance so far.

Feeding her was another challenge. So many variables. How to hold the syringe, watch whether she was sucking and swallowing, making sure the milk was not too hot or cold (now we know where the Goldilocks tale came from).

new momFeeding a sleeping child was particularly difficult. Whatever she did to wake her up, she was unsuccessful. She watched the nurses, how the way they flicked her feet with force, to wake her up. When she cried, Leena felt she had failed as a mother. Why wasn’t there a different orifice for crying so that she could continue to feed her baby?!

Trying until you succeed, patience and such key skills were now part of Leena’s vocabulary rather than following up with colleagues, delivering projects on time and co-ordinating with other teams.

All the hard work was worth it when her daughter smiled at her. The hours pumping milk, the heartbreak when that precious milk spilled in trying to feed her, all of it. Leena had new respect for her mother and mothers everywhere indeed.

How could society sneer at stay at home moms? Expecting them to still be productive after mothering was too big an ask. Working women would be torn between their two worlds, struggling to do justice to both.

She had read that motherhood was equivalent to holding down two and a half jobs, and she could well believe it. Her heart had legs now, and was no longer hers. She was living for another, and that kept her going.

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