Monsters R Us

Monsters. Who makes them? Who are Frankensteins? Often, we give monsters their power. We create them and when they get out of our control, we run screaming for help. Instead, we should roll them up like footballs, and kick them out of our sight and mind.

Where do monsters come from?

Monsters start small, like everyone else. It could be a stray thought, which when encouraged, becomes bigger. Ignored, it gets bolder. I don’t deserve to be loved, for instance. Say it often enough, and it will come true.

Monsters have many forms

Anger is one monstrous emotion. Sometimes it rides others, and you are the prey. Recognize that your friend may be having a bad day. You know what she’s like, so cut her some slack.

How to slay dragons

Vanquish monsters with good thoughts. Keep yourself busy to keep monsters at bay. Monsters gain strength at night, when many of us lie awake, trapped by our thoughts. Under our bed, they sneak out when we’re not looking and smother us.

Get up and do something. Catch up on your reading, go to the gym, watch TV- anything to distract yourself.

Monsters can become friends. They’re power, you just need to harness them. Anger is but passion gone the wrong way. Channel it in a different tributary- write, paint, punch- whatever you like.

Whatever you do, don’t run from monsters. They can smell fear. And of course, never become one. Whatever be your bogeyman, you’re a child no more. Magick it away. More on conquering fears here. Psychology, especially cognitive behvior therapy can be your friend. Use proven techniques to conquer your fears and mind. With practice, you’ll become better at it and happier. Let me know how it goes.


I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge. 

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