Conquering the Senses- The Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3

Arjun wants more explanation about karma, so Krishna elaborates on this topic. Two paths will take us forward- Samkhya or knowledge and Karma Yoga or mindful action.

Krishna points out that we need to do our duty to keep the world running. Since leaders set the benchmark, Arjun should set an example. Although Krishna himself has done whatever needed to be done in heaven, earth and hell, he still keeps at it, since people look up to him.

ChariotKrishna then goes on to say we follow our nature. It is better to do our work, even if it is unpleasant, than try to do another’s duty.

Arjun then asks even if we try to do our duty, something prevents us even though we try to fight it. It is as if something takes us over, against our will. What is that? Krishna says this anger and desire comes from rajas- the pleasure loving nature, that he will talk more about later.

Rajas enlists your senses to fog your mind. Since your senses are part of your body, it is tough to escape from them. Arjun needs to first conquer this desire, that is hindering him in his quest for knowledge.


I think therefore I am

I do therefore I can.


Help me fight sloth, K

So I can do my duty, vijay


Raja Rajas, you are the world

I try to turn a

Blind eye

Deaf ear

Numb nose

Bland taste



The Charioteer urges me on

But only my mind can be

Charioteer of these Fake Five

When will I come out of my senses?

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