Courage or comfort?

You can choose courage or you can choose comfort. You can’t have both- Rene Brown. So true. How about if we alternate between the two? Often when we take a leap and it doesn’t work out, we become risk averse.

On the other hand, sometimes we are too much in our comfort zone and dying to push ourselves. Then it’s easy to find courage.

The personal is the political

How about standing up for what you believe in, or going along with the majority view? Whether it’s politics or personal, we need to make a choice. Do we speak out and feel lighter, or do we grin and bear it, dying inside?

It’s tough to be brave. It’s taking a walk in the dark, the unknown. You might win big, you might lose it all. Take politics for instance. Gathering an army who believes in you, to bring about change, takes time. You need to believe in yourself and have others believe too, to win in the long run.

Challenging yourself

Even in sports, the body is content with a bit of exercise. Pushing its limits is a different kind of joy altogether. So is an appetite for adventure, exploring new places, trying out new restaurants. Every small step counts, as it could be a giant leap forward or backward.

Forced challenges

Competition is a great spur to find courage. If someone’s making a move, you need to match it or get left behind. Still, companies are notoriously risk averse and often play contrarian. Many then become obsolete, like Polaroid or Nokia.

Mankind as a whole has made the progress it has by daring. Whether it’s Prometheus or the people behind Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, it’s those who had the courage to believe in the impossible whom we have to thank for the way we live our lives today.


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