Cross the line

“Why is Sita so passive, ma’am?” piped up a girl in my Hindi class, as I was teaching an excerpt from Ramayana.

Flummoxed, I stared at her.

She bounced back in her seat, thinking she’s asked a wrong question.

I told everyone I met about her, seeking an answer.

I finally found one.

“She crossed the line,” said my first principal’s husband.

Who drew that line? Lakshman.

Today, we draw our lines. We choose to box ourselves in. We can erase those lines from our forehead, if we want.

A line is made up of dots. It doesn’t become a line in an instant. As Rashmi Shukla, Police Commissioner, Pune, said at an event recently, a woman who gets assaulted often knows the person and he is often harassing her for a while.

We should say No earlier. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. If keeping silent is not helping, will it work if we continue to keep mum?

We often say no to ourselves. We have no trouble saying no there. No, I can’t make time for myself. No, I won’t make lunch for myself, everyone’s eating out. No, I can’t exercise, there’s housework.

Excuses can pile us, drowning us eventually, until there’s no longer an I left. The most sold Getty Image in 2017 for the search term woman is that of a lone hiker. A long way from the pin up which was the most sold image there, a decade ago.

It’s time our facts lived up to our fictions. With artists reimagining Disney princesses as career women, it’s a brave new world. Here’s to the next generation taking equality for granted and looking upon the need for feminism as outdated.


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