Desire Sacrifice- The Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 4

Krishna talks about how some do a ritual yagna to a deity, while others offer to the fire of brahman. What do they offer? The pleasures of the senses, to the fire of discipline. That is, they burn pleasures like touch, in discipline or give them up.

Others offer sense objects like vision to the fire of the senses. The senses consume objects, hence the comparison to fire.

Still others offer actions of the senses and of their prana to the fire of self discipline. Their wisdom adds fuel to this fire. In a nutshell, if you want you can live your life as a yagna.

Discipline in breathing or pranayama helps you get there. So does controlling your diet, for you will burn the breath you take in your body to make it prana, your spirit.

YagnaHe quips that those who offer nothing will find it tough to get by in this world, forget the next.

What’s common to all these yagnas? Activity. Krishna says that all action is included in knowledge, so it is better to offer knowledge rather than material things to brahman.

Even if you have sinned, knowledge will help you get salvation. Just like fire makes wood in ash, so does knowledge turn karma in nothing. So the purest thing in the world is knowledge.

Believe! The doubt in your heart’s there because of your ignorance. Cut it down with the sword of knowledge.


Only if I know, can I do

K’s voice cuts through air


Increases my horsepower

Willing me

To soldier on.



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