He’s a Real Pill- The Bhagvad Gita, Chapter 16

In this chapter Krishna compares the inherently divine and the demonic. The divine are charitable, fearless, truthful, etc.

The demonic are egoistic, harsh, hypocritical and so on. They don’t know when they should take action and when to rest. They are atheists and believe the universe happened on its own, created from lust.

Thinking this, they scheme to destroy the world. Hedonists, they’re tangled in ropes of desire, wanting to make money illegally. They covet things and want to grab whatever catches their eye and they desire.

ShadowThey think of vanquishing their enemies. They think they’re God, successful, powerful and happy. No one compares to them. By doing rites and donating, they feel they can enjoy.

Clinging to pleasures, they fall and are headed to hell.

Wealth has gone to their heads. They hate brahman in their bodies and in others’. Imprisoned in the cycle of birth and death, they repeat this endlessly, ending up worse off each time.

Desire, anger and greed are the 3 gates of hell. We must give them up to save ourselves from destruction. Krishna advises that we take the scriptures as our guide, so that we know what we should do and avoid.


Till now you talked more about the divine, K

But all things good have shadows too

We all do.


Our demons drag us down

We let them take over

Washing our hands off.


The scriptures seep in our thought

If we let them

Snuffing out our demons

Making us better.


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