Do you like riding the emotions rollercoaster?

Terminal often has negative connotations, like a terminal illness. We shy away from endings, fearing change. Nature has no such issues. Night gives way to dawn, dawn to dusk and the cycle of life pedals on. The book Who Moved my Cheese? talks about how we don’t adapt, sometimes becoming redundant. Being resilient is a great quality to have, but it’s difficult to cultivate. Our emotions often get the better of us.

When do we like change?

Children are very open to novelty and change. They have no problems saying hi to strangers, welcoming life and living a happy-go-lucky attitude. Being responsible is necessary, but you need to also keep your fun quotient high.

Often when we’re bored, we’re more open to change. Moving out of our comfort zones can be an initial shock, but soon we develop new comfort zones. The trick is to keep moving. Often, shifting goalposts make us run after the illusion that once we have that degree we’ll be happy. Then when we have that job. Then when we get promoted. Or married. Or when we have a child. But no state makes us happy permanently.

Why emotions besides happiness are good for you

Happiness wears off after a while. Otherwise we wouldn’t value it. Experiencing other emotions like fear, sadness, envy are all part of the rollercoaster that’s life. Like in Enid Blyton adventures, we don’t appreciate these emotions when we’re experiencing them, but post facto we look back upon them with fondness.

Why? They help us grow. We don’t like change, remember? But that’s what helps us grow. Nature, mothers, and society drag us, kicking and screaming so that we grow, whether we like it or not. Otherwise, what would we write for the beauty contest type questions in admission forms for college, MBA, etc.?

Keep the change

Are we focused on changing the right thing?

We run often from job to job, thinking a change will make us happy. Sometimes, it’s we who need to change. We might think our spouses need to change, but perhaps if we tweak ourselves, our common jukebox will sing a different tune that we both like.

So not all change is bad, not all change is good. If we accept endings and beginnings philosophically, we might be closer to the elusive goal of constant happiness.


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