Victory Will Be Mine- Mrs. Pandava (Poem)

To be stripped, so they could see my V.

My husband, the first, staked me.

The loser was confident he’d win.

Egged on by the others, the twins.

Dragged, unknowing, into court

Famous Women

My hair streamed down in support

Five husbands. As useless as the one you’ve got.

Take it from me, many husbands a marriage blot.

Prim and prissy Yudhishtira blushed red

It was all I could do to not yawn in his bed.

Bhima, now he had a big one, quite a bit

Just didn’t know what to do with it.

Arjun…the one I always wanted.

I always felt that he was daunted.

Perhaps he thought I’d discuss him with his brothers.

I didn’t like sharing him with my rivals, the others.

I didn’t mind about Bhima’s wife, but I did about Arjun’s.

I smiled at the twins when he was around, and mooned.

I always hoped the twins wouldn’t think of a threesome,

but I could never be sure. They took the same time to come.

To resume.

Pinned in court, a thousand foreign eyes boring through me,

I glared back. They looked away, but rubbed hands in glee.

Krishna restrained me as I moved to scratch

Yudhishtira and Duryodhana’s eyes out to match.

Did Yudhishtira, now a slave, have the right

To bet me? Am I his property? I bite.

Duryodhana licks his lips and slaps his lap

Bhima vows to dismember his thigh. I clap.

Karna calls me characterless, for having five

Husbands. Did I ask for them, that bee hive?

I no longer regret rejecting that jackass

Now that he’s being vindictive, so crass.

Dushasana tried to unpeel me

Krishna’s hand kept him busy

Bhima will rip his arm, drink from his chest

I’ll keep my hair down till then, to rest.

My saree became never ending, protection

From a man against men’s erections.

I didn’t need it. I would have been happy

To strip myself, to flaunt my body

To cause my husbands pain at dice

See the lust in their cousins’ eyes.

Here’s another poem in my Famous Women series.

I was inspired to write in this style when I read The World’s Wife by Carol Ann Duffy.

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