Dropping shopping

Well, it depends on what kind of shopping we’re talking about. One woman’s paneer is another man’s karela.

Clothes shopping

I’m not a fan of shopping for clothes mostly. Only when a top is in the intersection set of the Venn Diagram of I need it, it’s affordable and it looks good on me, do I part with my money.

Surprisingly, my husband likes shopping. He wants to know what’s in the market, what’s the price. Banker psychology.

Treat yourself

I once dragged a friend on a shopping marathon from which we came back emptyhanded. Had to buy going to see boy clothes- we all know how difficult that is.

Buying kurtas, which I lovingly call uniforms, is also a pain. I have so much stuff in my cupboards that I don’t want to buy any more clothes, as that will trigger an avalanche. Maybe literally. But I meant I’ll have to keep my cupboards tidy.

That’s difficult with all the more interesting things to do in life.

Book shopping

Books are easier to buy. I can just open a random page and if it is appealing, I usually pick it up. I buy them rarely now, because where’s the time to read?  All my reading energy goes on reading tweets. Wonder whether we got the attention span of a goldfish before or after social media.

Occasion shopping

My husband buys a gadget which he is also often keen on. We’ve settled in comfortable patterns. I gift him a massage, as that’s one thing we are reluctant to buy for ourselves.

What’s your favorite four letter word? Women would probably say sale! Online shopping can be tiring and disappointing too, if you don’t find what you’re looking for. It doesn’t have the fun of tugging for the last piece.


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