Blogchatter Ebook Festival and First Book Feelings

I take on the baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival from Priyanka whose ebook ‘Handbook of Day to Day Parenting Tips’ is also a part of the mix.
About Priyanka’s ebook: It covers topics like – This book covers topics like – How to teach kids to deal with Failure – How to provide Role Models that can transform the child – How threats in parenting can hamper Self-Belief. And many more Parenting Insights Read, Reflect, Implement…… Repeat!

The Blogchatter Ebook festival has been great fun and a good learning experience. The community has pushed me to publish my first ebook, make a book trailer and a video of me reading from my book, Insta Gita.

Insta GitaWriting is easy, but the formatting can be tedious, so without a deadline I would have probably postponed it forever. With the festival, I sat up nights and finished my ebook. Since the initial drafts were ready, thanks to the A-Z Writing Challenge- another push from Blogchatter- it was not so hard.

The first day of the Blogchatter Ebook festival was a party! We were all so happy to see our books launched online, with our photos and author and book blurbs. I promptly downloaded the ones that caught my eye.

The book readings led me to download some more ebooks, as the extracts the authors read piqued my curiosity. It was great to put a face to the name too.

The books I’ve read so far are of great quality. Some of them can be picked up by traditional publishers or would do well on Amazon as ebooks for sale. They have an Indian flavor, which gives them an added punch compared to work by Western authors.

It feels great to be a published author. I always thought I’d bring out a book of poetry first though. Sadly, mostly fellow poets tend to read poetry, so I thought I’d try to broaden by audience by mixing it with the Bhagavad Gita.

I’ve only got 52 downloads so far, but that’s still good. I’m ready with my Amazon book. I learnt a lot about design while formatting my book. There’s much more to a book than just writing it.

And becoming Facebook friends with authors I’ve reviewed, conversations over Twitter- I’ve got a bunch of my kind of people to hang out with. Already keen to work on my next book for next year’s festival.

I pass on the Baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival to Aesha whose ebook ‘Decoding Midlife’ is also part of the mix.

About Aesha’s ebook: ‘Decoding Midlife’ is about approaching Midlife with positivity and vigour and not consider it to be a crisis phase of life. Writing this book has been an enriching and moving experience for the author as she explores facets of her own unknown personality.

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