Just Words, Ernestine Rose- Famous Women (Poem)

“Man is as good

As all the laws, influences, institutions

Allow him to be.”

Since laws are stacked against us

Man exploits us.

“What has man ever done

That woman

Under the same advantages

Could never do?”

When I was fifteen

My father tried to push me

In an arranged marriage

I rejected that

My fiance wanted my dowry

I went to court for freedom.

Went to Germany on my own

I invented an air freshener

After all, you need money

To see the world

Went to England

And New York

I sent the first petition supporting the bill

That married woman be allowed to hold property

In their own names

I went door to door

Know how many signatures I got?


Thirteen years later

We won that right.

“Emancipation from every kind of bondage

Is my principle

I go for recognition of human rights

Rather than women’s rights.”

That way you get men’s support too, you see.

“Life and death

Pleasure and pain

Recognize no sex.”

“It is from ignorance

Not malice

That man acts towards woman

As he does.”

“Woman is a human being

If she has a right to life

She has a right to earn support

For that life

If a human being

She has a right

To have her powers and faculties

As a human being developed.

If developed,

She has a right to exercise them.”

Queen of the platform

The press called me

Am just glad my words

Led to deeds.

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