Fiction Book Review: Eighty Hours to Save Karen by Sitharaam Jayakumar

Eighty Hours to Save Karen by Sitharaam Jayakumar will not let you go until you complete it, so set some time aside to complete it in one sitting. Chapter 1 sets the background, introduces the characters. The tranquil scene is rudely interrupted by little Karen and the mysterious red thing. Read on for the full fiction book review.

Fiction Book ReviewChapter 2 sees the introduction of a new character and the mystery deepens. Chapter 3 gets spookier with added touches and finally a doctor appearing. Chapter 4- things get more ominous. Characters are sketched well. The helplessness of the grandfather comes through- he has no problem flying a fighter plane but the supernatural- how can he deal with that?

Next, there’s a death and a mysterious note. In a small town, everyone knows everything- the writer slips this in naturally, further establishing the setting. The novel is tightly written. The title gives a sense of urgency. As the story progresses, it gets creepier, as we delve in the past. Mat wanting to know the fiddler’s name after his help is also a nice touch. It helps the fiddler come across as a real person.

The book actually becomes a psychological thriller as naturally dealing with the supernatural is bound to fray anyone’s nerves. Things move fast. We don’t get any clues about the murders mentioned but the small cast of characters made me suspect someone.

Red herrings abound, so reader beware! The author’s the boss. This book at 94 pages is a quick read. That’s a good thing, since it’s unputdownable. Although old, unusual for a protagonist, Mat is a good hero. Secondary characters are overshadowed by him.

This is a very different book. The author’s style is engaging. He uses detail to great effect to create the mood he wants. We get to know about the characters through their actions more than description, which is far more powerful. Looking forward to more of the author’s work. Download it here for free. Here’s another fiction book review.

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