Fitness Book Review: Bodyweight Workouts by Anami Mittal

Body weight Workouts: A Fun Way to Exercise by Anami Mittal is a collection of simple exercises you can do at home. Small videos are embedded in the ebook, making it easy for you to see how to do the exercise. Read on for the complete fitness book review.

Fitness Book ReviewInspirational quotes pepper the book, motivating you to keep going on your fitness journey. Very rightly, Anami says you can start by even taking ten minutes out in the day to exercise. If nothing else, you can spot jog as soon as you get up and before you sleep. What’s your excuse?

By explaining the benefit of each exercise, Anami further encourages us to try these exercises. I do many of the exercises she recommends regularly, but I didn’t know what they’re called. Give them a try, your body will thank you.

Her tips about sitting straight made me do so while reading this book! Fitness is a state of mind, we need to be conscious throughout the day, not just for an hour at the gym in the morning. Alternate jackknife and bridge exercise are a couple of exercises I mean to try, to add variety to my workout.

I’m guilty of counting too fast while exercising, so Anami has a good tip- time yourself. Do a set for say 30 seconds or 2 sets of 10 counts each. Some of the exercises are low intensity, so you can work your way up.

Anami’s tips on diet also include the why- like have a heavy breakfast because the body hasn’t got anything the whole night. They complete the fitness cycle.

Anami covers all the body parts, from head to toe. She rightly points out that we need to take care of our eyes, in this day and age of screen mania.

Funny sayings like Sweat is fat crying make you laugh. Anami covers the fashionable planks in detail.

I would have liked Anami to group her exercises as complete workouts, like Popsugar does. Then Monday I could work on abs, Tuesday legs and so on. I’d also like a 45 minute video on YouTube for a workout from her, which we can just watch and do alongside.

With personal trainers costing a fortune these days, it’s better to go for a DIY workout. Only you can motivate yourself and keep up the pace. As Anami puts it, work is there in workout for a reason. Hard work will give you dividends.

After all, as she quotes, you don’t get the ass you want by sitting on it. So read her book standing up, in stages while you try out the exercises. Another great tip is to not think of your workout as optional, but a meeting you have with yourself. As the boss of your body, you shouldn’t cancel it.

Just three months, for the world to see the effects of your working out. Your family and friends will notice the difference in two. And you in one month. This book is well worth a read. Being a practical book, you will get the maximum benefit when you practice what it preaches. Download it for free here. Here’s another book review.

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