Fitness Tracker GoQii- The Key to a Fitter You (Review)

Most of us want to be thinner, right? I’ve been battling the bulge for a decade now. The first time I went up a waist size, I didn’t buy new trousers for the longest time. In b-school I had a buddy and we collectively tried to lose weight and succeeded. After marriage, it’s hard. If your husband likes to eat yummy stuff, it’s tough to resist, although I do try to work out. I found a good diet and it helped, but it was tough to sustain on holiday. Personal fitness trainers are expensive. Not the GoQii fitness tracker…

Why GoQii fitness tracker

I always wanted a FitBit, but balked at the expense. My friend has GoQii and I liked the concept of a live person guiding you through an app for workouts and dieting. So when Axis Bank offered me a GoQii fitness tracker free with a 6 month subscription to their coaching services for Rs.1500 (that’s also at 50% off) I jumped at their offer.

Goqii habit creation

The icing on the cake- if I walked 70,000 steps a week, I would give 500 reward points from Axis! I can make contactless payments too with the tracker, as it is linked to my Axis debit card, but I haven’t tried that yet- keep forgetting about this feature! I have enabled notifications, so the tracker notifies me when I get a text, etc.

My GoQii fitness coach

I downloaded the GoQii app and told my coach, Sakhi, about my routine when she called. Sakhi is a physiotherapist at a Delhi hospital.

She gave me great advice on how to reduce my thyroid problem naturally- I should not have cauliflower, cabbage or broccoli- which is great since I hate the first two (College PG aunty would make them from breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Sakhi suggested I drink lemon water first thing in the morning. She added it as a habit in the app so it was easy to track. I log my activity everyday after gymming and my meals too. Sometimes I upload a photo of what I’ve eaten so that Sakhi can guide me about portion size.

Goqii photo log

My GoQii fitness tracker experience

The GoQii tracker shows me the steps I’ve walked, giving me two thumbs up when I finish 10,000 steps in a day! It also shows the steps as distance in kilometres and calories burnt. My colleagues and I take a walk after lunch to increase our step count.

All this working out was making me hungry, so Sakhi suggested I have protein for breakfast. I soak sprouts now and have them in the morning. Even if the scale is not moving in the opposite direction, because I keep cheating and not logging that in the app- I feel fitter with the regular working out and diet changes.

Sakhi even asked me to step it up a notch in the second week! I am more motivated to log my workout and meals since I know she checks and will ask me if I don’t log a meal. I have a follow up call with her in two weeks, so I want to get fitter before that.

GoQii fitness tracker maintenance

I just need to charge my tracker once a week. I take the GoQii core out of the strap and put in the USB port of my laptop. It just takes an hour to recharge.

Goqii fitness tracker coach

I think that’s where GoQii scores over other fitness apps and trackers- there’s a real person guiding you. I plan to continue my subscription even after the trial ends.


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