Focus- The Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 6

Krishna talks about how renunciation to results of your actions is key to yoga. No one who is self-interested can be a yogi. This is the first step to become a karma yogi. The advanced yogi treats everything the same- good or bad. She is undisturbed.

She is not attached to activity or sense objects. Only we can set ourselves on this path. In this matter, we are our own best friends or enemies. We need to yoke our minds to be yogis.

How the yogi should meditate

MeditateOnly when you keep to yourself can you control your thoughts. You should live simply, because you want nothing. When the yogi meditates, she stops thinking, closing her senses, to purify herself.

Your head, neck and back should be in one line when you sit to meditate. You should gaze at your nosetip only. Through this, the yogi becomes one with brahman.

Neither extreme is good. If you fast or overeat, stay up all night or oversleep, you can’t do yoga. When you yoke your mind, to not focus on food or entertainment, activities or sleeping, you are a yogi. Naturally, yogis are not depressed, as depression has extreme emptions.

Such a yogi is like a steady flickering lamp in a place without wind. She gets infinite joy that’s beyond the senses, only understood by intelligence. Unaffected by troubles, she feels no pain.

Krishna and the yogi

Stop activity gradually, to focus on yourself. When your mind wanders, bring it back. Because the yogi treats everything the same, she sees herself in everything and everything in herself.

Krishna too sees himself in every being and so he sees himself in the yogi, so she is never gone for him.

The yogi sees Krishna in everything, so she serves Krishna in all she does for others.

Arjun chimes in, doubtful he can control his mind, which is like controlling the wind. Krishna encourages him to practice to increase his self-control.


Work with me here, my mind

So that I don’t need to remind

Myself to focus through you

Not on pleasure

So I don’t feel pain.


The day is long

Filled with actions

It’s tough to think

On what I can’t see


I find it easy

To brood on what disturbs me

Though that pain is invisible too.


We’ve evolved physically

Mental revolution

Self adaptation

Survival of the fittest minds

This journey begins and ends

With a single thought.


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