The Enemy at the Gates- The Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 5

Arjun asks something that even I was wondering about. Krishna says renounce activity and also says do your karma, so which is better?

Krishna says it’s easier to reach salvation if you are first a karma yogi. The karma yogi works, but without attachment. The karma yogi believes that senses only exist in their objects, so is not attached to seeing for instance, because for her, her vision is only in the flower she is looking at.

Just like water doesn’t mark a lotus leaf, negativity does not touch the karma yogi, who offers whatever she does to the brahman.

Those who are not yogis, are selfish, have desires, are naturally attached to consequences.

GatesKrishna talks about how the karma yogi sits in her place or body, which has 9 gates- 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, the mouth, the anus and the genitals.

The sun of knowledge dispels ignorance, illuminating the ultimate reality.

Such people, who see unity or brahman in everything, will reach brahmanirvan. They are detached, neither exulting when they achieve a goal, nor downcast when they don’t. Their bodies are unmoved by lust or anger, which cause distress.

They draw on themselves for happiness, rather than the world. Those who can rein in their thoughts are free. They know Krishna, their friend, who is in their hearts, and everyone’s hearts.


How do I protect, K

My nine gates

From the world’s assault?


I can shut my eyes

Close my ears

Stop up my nostrils

Clench my anus

Cover my genitals


My mind mocks me

Showing me the world

Not needing my senses.


I must focus on you

Open up my gates again


Seeing, but not reacting,

Hearing, but not disturbed

Smelling, but not flinching

Feeling, but not exulting


To see you everywhere, K.

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