Heartprints make us who we are

Who’s left prints on your heart? Places, people, experiences. Still, no point looking back. Our past defines who we are but we can always change. The heart is a resilient organ. If our mind reminds it of failures, it gets down. We need to pep it up to pump faster, so that we have adrenaline and can take on the world. Heartprints are good.

Old but not mold

We can’t let people walk over us, so footprints on the heart are not on. Sometimes, like footprints on the beach are erased by waves, heartprints become fainter if we don’t do things with old friends anymore.


Still, an old heartprint is very strong. It might get smudged, but it will always leave a mark. It takes effort and time to bring down walls and build relationships today. With technology, it’s so easy to video call an old friend and have a good heart to heart girl talk.

Hearty heart

We need to keep renewing our heart. Circulate what you love through it, so that it stays healthy. Feed your passions, for your mind’s health. You can’t have a good heart without a sound mind and vice versa.

It’s amazing how an organ that’s the size of a fist is so powerful. Use it to sock it to the world and live for yourself. It’s good to be needed, but your mind and heart need you to pay attention to them too.

The heart has many odes written to it. A good heart shows itself in action. Charity begins at home, so that you’ll have goodness left over for others. Although it’s a vital organ, life takes a toll on it, as does living. Women especially, focus so much on nrturing they neglect themselves sometimes. More on relationships here.


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