How to Design Your Ebook in Canva

While you could convert your word doc in PDF, why not pretty it up a bit? It’s tough reading online, so anything that helps is good, right? Canva is a great design option with many free images, icons, illustrations and formats so that you can design even if you can’t draw.

I have used Canva to create images for social media and they look awesome. Recently I tried making an infographic, which came out well too. Pick a template you like and modify it with your text and images. You can easily download it as a PDF too.

For an ebook, go to Ebooks in Canva. Choose a template that appeals to you. It’s pretty intuitive to use, and if you get stuck their help resources are good too.

For Your Ebook Cover

If you want to replace an image in the template you’ve chosen, pick an image. Click on the old image and delete it. Click on the new one to add it to your page.

Similarly, select the text that you want to edit and start typing to see your text. Delete the old text. If you want to remove a text box, select that and delete it.

For Your Ebook’s Inside Pages

Canva Ebook

Click on the plus sign to add a page. Choose a grid for your inside pages. Pick a colour you want- white is easy to read.

Now click on text and pick a text style you like. The text will be in white if you’ve chosen a white background, so use the colour option on top to change it to the colour you want. They are usually made of 2 boxes, so you should use Ungroup at the top right to ungroup them. Delete the box you don’t want.

Copy your text from your MS Word document to the text box. Delete the default text. Choose a font that’s easy to read online, like Lato. Resize the box depending on the space you have. If you want to callout some text, create another box and follow the same process.

Click on the 2 overlapping rectangles next to your page, towards the bottom to copy your page. Replace the text.

If you want to copy your cover to make a cover page for your chapter, copy your cover page as mentioned above but remember to keep clicking on the downwards icon till you reach the page number where you want to add it.

Tips for Your Ebook in Canva

I accidentally deleted a page because I didn’t realize I have to keep clicking till it reached the place I wanted. The Undo tool on the top left is your best friend!

I’ve signed for a one month free trial of Canva for Work, using my work email, as that gives me access to more pictures. They’ll take your card details, but not charge you until your month is up.

With Canva for Work, you can also set your brand colors, add a team member and choose a few fonts you want to use so that they come at the top.

Planning Your Ebook in Canva

Try to keep it to no more than 3 fonts, so that it doesn’t look like a mish mash. Similarly for colors.

Keep breaking up the text with subheads, callouts, tables, images, etc so that it doesn’t get monotonous for the reader. If we’re confronted with a big block of text online, it can get difficult to read further.

Keep doing this until you’ve got your ebook! I’ve done 17 pages and am enjoying myself hugely. Since I just wrote it, I was saturated but design being new, I’m having fun again. My 30 pages of text seem likely to be 100 pages in an ebook, so calculate accordingly.

Use any free online tool to combine PDFs if your ebook is more than 30 pages, so you could explore that if your ebook is long.

Hope this was helpful! Do give feedback in the comments. Looking forward to seeing your ebooks.

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