Humour Book Review: Live, Laugh, Love Bytes by Vanessa Rowe

As the title suggests, Live, Laugh, Love Bytes by Vanessa Rowe is divided in three sections with five chapters each- Live, Laugh and Love. The first section is about life, the second has humourous pieces and the third discusses love. Read on for the full humour book review.

Humour Book ReviewVenice’s ebook’s first section, Live Life, is full of inspirational pieces but doesn’t say anything new. In the Laugh section, the first humor piece on ice cubes is hilarious. She paints a vivid picture of men trying to one up each other. The walking piece is also something we can all identify with. I liked these lines- “There’s an element of adventure in walking. You never know what you are going to step on next (ugh, a dead rat), who you’re going to bump into (that annoying neighbor who loves commenting about your sad life)”

The sneezing piece resonated with me, as I am a perpetual sniffler too. ‘My ‘Frank’ Letter’ is fun too- we’ve all been there- when something’s on our mind, it pops up everywhere.

The author has a vibrant style- like in the Love section, she talks about a tiny baby who was screaming wildly and displaying its martial arts skills. However, the piece about her sister is like a diary entry. Perhaps talking about sisters in general would make it easier for readers to identify with the piece.

It’s hard to do humor, and that’s where Venice shines. She has a great style. At 34 pages, this book is a short read. Looking forward to more of her humorous pieces. Download it for free here as part of the Blogchatter ebook festival. It’s available for free only for a limited period, probably about another month. Read another humour book review about another book from the same festival, but on a very different subject.



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