Ida Alexa Ross Wylie

“To my astonishment

Women could outrun

The English bobby.

Their aim was good enough

To land vegetables

In ministerial eyes”

I socked a fair sized CID officer

Straight left to the jaw

He went in the orchestra pit

Of the theater where us feminists met

We feminists laughed, not tittered

Walked, not teetered

Could outfast Gandhi

Although we slept on hard floors

Duchesses, cooks, shop girls

Often tired and hurt

We took joy in life

Our marital lives improved

“Husbands came home at night

With a new eagerness”

Our children were awestruck by the new us

Where they used to tolerate us earlier

Mother no longer smothered

She had guts

Traditional women

The vast majority sadly

Dug their feet in even harder

As Little Women

Hated us with envy’s green steam.

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