In Search of Excellence- Book Review

has been the only management book I liked. I read it after College. Later, I learnt that it was fictitious. I did not feel betrayed.
Au contraire, I felt a deep admiration for the con artiste.
Business has always been a scam- I have sold kurtas for my mum since I was ten. We believed in dynamic pricing- if the chicken looked fat enough, we would pluck her more.
When organised retail killed the boutique, my product lifecycle evolved.
I worked for Shopper’s Stop- my mother had made me promise I would never sleep with the enemy.
When I flipped to bschool, I recalled asking my quizmate, why is it bschool not college? He did not know.
I found bschool similar to school not College. Think that’s why it was bschool- although as it was University it was mitigated somewhat.
As I reread Tom peter@60, 25 years after In Search of Excellence, I find him text heavy.
Why do you not use images?
Image is everything.
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