Insta Gita

Insta Gita

My ebook Insta Gita: With Arjuna’s Perspective in Poetry is published on Amazon Kindle. A Bhagavad Gita summary plus discussions on 4 Upanishads, you’ll get a modern take on a old classic.

The Bhagavad Gita is a unique text. Short but power packed, it is part philosophy, part self help and part poetry. Translations can be tantalizingly enigmatic, and commentaries can suck the life out of its verses.

This book has explanations where needed and presents Arjuna’s reaction to Krishna’s teachings, in poetry. Arjuna gets little air time in the Gita. As Everyman, he voices our dilemmas on being human and trying to follow the path of the Gita.

A summary of the Bhagavad Gita, Insta Gita serves as a quick primer for this ancient Indian text. You can preview and buy Insta Gita here. Looking forward to your feedback!

Insta Gita Reviews

Insta Gita is a true ode to the power and beauty that poetry can hold…It is easy to understand and the flow of the poetry feels like water flowing in a river… Much like the Bhagavad Gita, it questions the various concepts of humanity, existence, morality duty, honor and so on. Read the full review here.

– Arjun Gupta, Blogger

The text captures the essence of the original and keeps it relatable and interesting… I also found the usage of words like FYI, methinks, The Three Musketeers, K for Krishna as little steps that demystify the text and make it feel accessible. Nupur speaks from Arjuna’s perspective, of how he tries to use this philosophy in his life, training his body and mind. Read the complete review here.

– Sona Grover, Blogger

Insta Gita Book Reading Video

Watch my book reading video on my Amazon Author Central page. More on the genesis of Insta Gita from a blog post writing challenge here.