Is marriage dying?

The other day my brother-in-law said that now people will celebrate marriage anniversaries at 10 and 15 year milestones like currently people do for Silver and Gold anniversaries. True that. The seven year itch is down to three years. So, is marriage dying?

Everything’s speeding up

There’s a new phone model put every year which we lust for. We have trouble being alone. Our phones are our nannies. If it takes an extra second to get internet, we get cranky.

Marriage has competition

Is marriage dying?Bromances are now sidelining romances, said an article in the paper the other day. We often get what we’re looking for out of our relationships with friends. Often we expect spouses to behave like gal pals. They can’t.

Spouses can’t be everything rolled in one

The New York Times keeps talking about how we put too much pressure on our spouses- we expect them to be our friends, venting boards and fun providers.
Now if you see the same person day in and day out and do the same treadmill of errands and humdrum daily life, how can they be a barrel of laughs or you be fun for them?

Revive the spark with new experiences

NYT suggests new experiences help even couples who have been married for a long time to bond. We like going to new restaurants, exclaiming over the decor and discussing the food. Or visiting new places. You get the idea.

Adjust your expectations

Be more comfortable being with yourself. Connect with old friends and new. Do the things you like even if they don’t get your spouse excited. Work on your relationship with yourself and your other relationships will improve too.

I’m curious to know what you think about this volatile institution, whether you’re single, married, man, woman. Your perspective will round off mine on marriage dying or being alive and kicking. Meanwhile, here are 8 marriage rules for her and 8 for him.

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