Jamie Oliver’s Mexican Black Bean Burgers

Bought extra coriander, so was looking for a recipe which uses a lot of coriander. Found a Jamie Oliver recipe for Mexican Black Bean Burgers. Didn’t realize it was for 6 people, so that’s why it needed a small bunch of coriander.

Since there were just 2 of us, I just used a couple of handfuls of coriander. Anyways, at least isi bahane ended up trying out a new and delicious recipe. And as a bonus- this is my first recipe blog post!

We tweaked it a bit. I soaked kidney beans. We had some leftover corn, so ground that too in the mixie along with the kidney beans. Didn’t realize I hadn’t drained the water properly after I sieved the beans, so the initial attempts at patties were deconstructed ones, to put it mildly.

Bolstered the mix with breadcrumbs and now they looked like actual patties. Whew. Jamie Oliver said to chill them for an hour, but we only had 15 minutes. I microwaved them to boot, just to be sure that I’m getting rid of any water still in the beans.

Cheese Burger Patties- Jamie Oliver

Another narrow escape- Jamie Oliver’s recipe called for bean tins which apprarently have salt in them. I would have happily made the burgers without salt. Luckily Dear Husband (DH) asked and informed that that’s the way it is in Americana.

Next, grilled them in the oven with cheese. Meanwhile, DH made some delicious salsa as we decided to skip avocado.


On second thought, it would have been a good combination with this. Next time. We had that with nachos once the burgers were done.

Open Burger

A great recipe which is healthy too! I’ve also tried Jamie Oliver’s enchiladas recipe, which is awesome too. The char grilling of the vegetables gives a unique, smoky flavour. Feels like fine dining at home! The soup I tried was a downer though. Too much effort, not enough taste, although we finished it manfully over a few days. I skipped cream for health reasons, which is apparently the main ingredient. There is such a thing as too much grilling.


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