Krishna, the Universe and Everything- The Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 11

Since in the previous chapter Krishna had explained the origin and end of beings, Arjun wants to see Krishna’s divine form, from which everything emerges and returns.

Krishna does so and describes his divine form too, for our benefit. Thousands of colors and shapes comprising the celestials flood Arjun’s eyes. The entire universe is in Krishna’s body, animate inanimate alike.

Arjun’s mortal eyes are unable to see Krishna’s grandeur, so Krishna gives him a divine eye.

For the first time, Sanjay and Dhritarashtra are mentioned, taking us back to the Mahabharat. Sanjay describes Krishna’s glory, for the king to see in his mind’s eye.

UniverseMany mouths, eyes, jewels and weapons can be seen. In divine clothes and garlands, Krishna faces all directions. His brilliance is akin to a 1000 sunrises.

Even among the diversity, Arjun could see one universe within Krishna. Arjun then narrates what he sees with the divine eye he has got, so that we the readers can see Krishna in more detail. He sees Brahma on a lotus and sages.

The sun and the moon are Krishna’s eyes. His mouth, a fire. Krishna stretches from heaven to earth.

Arjun sees his cousins, Dhritarashtra’s sons, Bhishma, Drona, Karna, warriors on the Pandava side rush in Krishna’s mouth, some gored by his tusks. They’re drawn in like river currents to the ocean.

Worlds are destroyed too, entering Krishna’s mouths. Again he asks Krishna, who are you?

Krishna says he is time, the force which conquers worlds. Even without Arjun fighting, the Kauravas will die. Arjun is just Krishna’s instrument. So again he urges Arjun to begin warring.

Arjun asks Krishna to shrink in the form he knows, with four arms and the discus, as he can better comprehend that.

Krishna does so and tells Arjun that only the devoted who consider Krishna as supreme and do his work without attachment, see his true form.


We’ve been talking so far, K

About abstractions

Life, the universe and everything.


Seeing is believing.


Having seen you, the universe

I can’t unsee you.


I’ll remember now

Do my work

Which you as time control


To see you again

This time on my terms.

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