London Pass

Yesterday waWestminster Abbeys the first full day of sightseeing in London thanks to the London Pass. This enables us to see some main sites in London. We took the three day option. Started with Westminster Abbey. High, majestic ceilings, with detailed work, it had a spiritual air about it. Every hour there is a minute’s pause for prayer, which makes it even more peaceful.
Most kings and queens – the Henrys, the Edwards, Marys, Elizabeths are buried here. The gold at the altar was stunning. I liked the Poet’s Corner best. Browning, Tennyson, Hopkins, Dickens, Eliot, and therest of the gang are buried here too. Made their work seem more real to see their names on the floor I think.
Then we took a cruise to the Tower of London. Saw the Crown Jewels, the Kohinoor. The Tower seemed a little wild, with a Traitor’s Gate, a Bloody Tower. It is spread over a vast expanse. Our next stop was the Tower Bridge. We took the lift four floors up for a magical view of the London skyline. The engine room, with detai,s of the machinery which enables the bridge to oen in the middle, was fascinating.
Then had yummy lasagna and quiche at a nearby cafe we stumbled on.
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