Fell in love with you before I met you
Through writings of authors, your hue
I knew before I traveled your roads
Whether by car, bus, foot, or under your belly
“Are you alright?” seemed familiar not just from the telly.You blew hot sometimes, at other times cold
I’m glad I saw you in white, truth be told.
Westminster’s grandeur has lasted long
Big Ben keeps chiming its tuneful song.

The Thames is your blood blue
Where I walked from Tower Bridge to Waterloo
The Tower of London’s glitter and gore
Gave me a glimpse of days yore.

Our whirlwind tour then saw
Rocky Windsor castle. A draw
Of lots was won by Hampton Court Palace
Which had gardens that were full of grace.

Imaginary volleys at Wimbledon
Ghostly figures at Globe’s kingdom
Leisurely strolls through Trafalgar Square
Led to Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s lair.

The other way led to Piccadilly Circus
Which refers, methinks, to a roundabout, bas.
Where we met the Phantom of the Opera
Nearby, Fortnum & Mason- a culinary Shangri la

Oxford Circus on Boxing Day and otherwise
Our happy hunting grounds, shopper’s paradise
A little ahead, Harrod’s, marvellous opulence
We liked Liberty more, understated elegance.

Cirque de Soleil acrobatics at the Royal Albert Hall
Museums galore, science, natural history, you have them all.
Obliging signs took care of me, so I needed not
To scatter crumbs, which was Hansel & Gretel’s lot.

Hot chocolate kept the chill at bay, as did a warm coat
Not to mention woolies, my trusty cap, a brolly in my tote.
A trip to Sheffield introduced the Yorkshire countryside
And one to Bath the delights of 10,000 years old water besides.

Oxford’s quaintness, Cambridge’s newness, a river runs there too
Being punted along, snuggling under blankets blue
Expansion of the mind, with all the tours I took
Of art galleries, from the Tate to National Gallery stuck.

Memories as photos and the additional kilo I’ve gained
Are all now that have remained.

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