Lucy Stone- Famous Women (Poem)

I knew knowledge

Would give me power

But I needed money to study

I propped my Greek book on the ledge over the basin

While I washed dishes

Famous Women

For three cents an hour, in college

I spoke on women’s rights

Though people tore down my posters

Burnt pepper where I spoke

Threw prayer books at me

Hosed me with winter water

I was whitewashing the kitchen ceiling

Henry offered to help but I refused

I let him help peel potatoes for dinner though

We modified our wedding vows

So I didn’t have to obey him

I didn’t take his name either.

I continued to aim “ to deepen the disappointment

In every woman’s heart

Until she bows down to it no longer.”

I refused to pay tax till I could vote

Men, their rights and nothing more

Women, their rights and nothing less.

I voted for Grant to be president

Though I had to go to trial

Wyoming was where we could vote first

Women today will “never know

At what price their right to free speech

Has been earned.”

Long live the cause.

Here’s the previous post in my famous women series.

There’s a wonderful book on the letters between Lucy Stone and Henry Blackwell called Loving Warriors. Read it for free here.

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